Algebra Lecture 1: How to Solve Linear Equations

How to Solve Linear Equations Algebra Lesson 2


After completing this tutorial, you should be able to:

  • Know what an equation is
  • Know if a value is a solution or not
  • Know what a solution set of an equation means
  • Know the different types of equations
  • Use the different properties of equality to solve linear equations.
  • Determine the solution set of a linear equation

The heart of algebra is about solving equations.  In this tutorial we will be looking specifically at linear equations and their solutions.  We will solve equations that use only one property to make sure you have the individual concepts down.  Then we will mix them up where you need to use several properties and steps to get the job done. 
Equations can be used to help us solve a variety of problems. In later tutorials, we will put them to use to solve word problems.  Then you can answer those tricky math questions.