MathHub has designed specific programs for the different needs of parents and students. The length of each tutorial session and the frequency of meetings are customized and will be arranged according to the the schedule and requirements of the students. Parents are highly encouraged to talk to MathHub on how each program can be designed for the best interest of their children.

MathHub Achiever For students who want to do advance study and excel further in school.  With the understanding that achievers are able to understand fast, teachers in MathHub customize a curriculum, unique for each student, that will enhance what is given in school and cater to what the student wants to learn.  Students who compete in science or math competition will find the program very intensive and stimulating.
MathHub SupportFor students who want to reinforce what they learn in school and maintain or improve their current school performance.  This program helps students ensure that they are not left behind in their class lessons. MathHub will complement what is taught in school by providing additional drills and exercises.
MathHub Reinforcement
For students who obtained barely passing or sometimes failing grades.  MathHub is committed to help students understand their school lessons in a way that is more understandable and at a pace that they are comfortable with.  Lessons are customized and are designed to cater to the unique needs of the students.  Parents are encouraged to provide feedback to ensure that the learning goals are being achieved.

Download our brochures here: TutorialSummer Flyer

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