Problem Solving Skill Booster Program

For students who want to advance or simply improve their math problem solving skills.  Students generally find it more challenging to do word or passage math problems than most of the other topics in math.  Word problems require that students understand what is given and should be able to solve these problems using the skills learned from arithmetic, algebra, geometry and trigonometry.  This requires the student to visualize the problem, put it in an equation and solve for what is required.

MathHub has designed the Problem Solving Skill Booster using Singapore Math techniques.  Singapore Math is a teaching method that helps students to visualize and understand word problems.  It increases their comprehension and let them learn logic skills.  Teachers in MathHub have been trained to teach Singapore Math and have experience using such method.  Students will have greater confidence in their own skills while parents will see improvements in their children’s performance in school.

            teacher with girl studying_small
This program is designed to strengthen your child’s fundamental arithmetic skills and systematically develop competency in solving math problems.


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