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Online SAT Math Review

Ace the SAT at the comfort of  your home.

Online SAT Math Review

Learn anytime at the comfort of your home. 

How will it benefit me?

√  Personalized 

Since we conduct our session on a ONE-ON-ONE basis, our tutors will help you with any particular topic that you have problems with.  The tutor can give specific exercises so that you can have mastery over the areas that you are having trouble with.  

√  Flexible environment 

By studying online, you choose your own learning environment that works best for your needs.  

√  Study at your preferred time.

Let us know what is the best time for you and we will help you find a tutor who can accommodate you.  

What topics will I learn?

Basic Algebra

Basic Algebra

Translating a word problem into an expression, equation, or inequality.

Linear equations and inequality

System of linear equations / inequalities

Interpretion of a linear equation, expression, or inequality in context

Problem Solving and Data Analysis

Problem Solving and Data Analysis

Ratio and proportions


Unit conversions

Predicting a line or curve of best fit for a scatterplot

Difference between linear and exponential growth


Mean, median, mode

Standard deviation

Make and justify statistical inferences from data 

Advanced Math

Advanced Math

Quadratic and exponential functions 

Laws of exponents

Interpretation and translation of nonlinear expressions

Isolating a variable in a nonlinear equation.

Operations on Polynomials

Systems of nonlinear equations

Zeros and factors of a polynomial 

Function notation, transformation, and function composition and 

Additional Topics

Additional Topics

Volume and area of figures

Parallel lines

Pythagorean theorem

Trigonometric ratios

Similar and congruent triangles

Arc lengths, angle measures, chord lengths, sector areas

Convertion between degree and radian measures.

Equation of a Circle

Operations between complex numbers.

Don't miss out on this great learning opportunity!

Online SAT Review Packages


Php 900
Minimum of 1 hour

Discussion of Practice Test


Php 12,500
15 hours

Review Material

Discussion of Practice Tests

Save Php 1000

De Luxe

Php 24,000
30 hours

Review Materials

Discussion of Practice Test

Save Php 3000


Online SAT Review

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